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StarSeries i-League CS:GO Season 7

StarSeries i-League CS:GO Season 7

  • Dates: -
  • Prize pool: $500,000
CS:GO Author: s.perun

New season of StarSeries i-League CS: GO receives $500,000 of prize money

The competitive scene of CS:GO is constantly changing and it's high time to improve our legendary series of premium tournaments StarSeries i-League CS:GO. A new 7th season will receive an increased to $500,000 prize fund and will go back to the Bo3-matches in the group stage.


The new StarSeries season will please audience and players with several global changes at once. In the 7th season, the best teams will compete for a prize of $500,000, while China will become the hosting country. In addition, the qualifying system and the format of the tournament have been also changed.

The seventh season will be attended by 16 teams, 13 of which will be invited directly to the final stage, and 3 will go through the regional qualifiers in North America, Europe and Asia. The LAN-finals of the 7th season will be held from the 30th of March to 7th of April, 2019 in Shanghai.

One of the features of the season will be an invitation of the South American team, the winner of the regional tournament Gamecon Brasilia 2018, Team Wild. The commentary of a Product Manager of the league, Sergey "Negative" Bidzan:

“The South American region has plenty of players with high potential, but they are almost unable to prove themselves on the international stage and to become a part of some famous organization. Only a few teams have managed to “escape” from the region and, moreover, it became possible only due to great efforts and no smaller portion of luck.

Starting in 2019, we are planning to open another way to the international stage for these players. We are starting to cooperate with local leagues and tournament organizers who can organize regional qualifications and send the best teams to the LAN-finals of StarSeries”.

In addition, in the seventh season we will return to the most successful and objective system of the LAN-finals - the Swiss group stage system with Bo3-matches. The Payoffs will be held in the usual format of the Olympic bracket (Single-Elimination) with Bo3-matches, and the Grand Final will be held up to three wins (Bo5).

Information about the regional qualifiers will be published on November 16th.

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